About us

EM Hardware Supplies Ltd  is supplying door locks and related door handles and accessories for the last 30 years

We have being supplying specialist door locks and door hardware products for the the last 30 years. During this time we have built up a vast industry knowledge which we are more then willing to share with all our customers.  

  • we offer top quality products
  • our expert advice and customer service are second to none
  • we supply a vast range of products to customers all over Ireland and beyond

Our world-class team

We are supported on a daily basis by a large number or world class product technical experts;  this support allows us bring the lasted product inovations to the notice of our customers.  Technical innovation is bringing a constant stream of ever more sophisticated door security produsts to the market as well as an ever increasing range of door knobs and handles.  

Handle Supplies is a registered trading name of EM Hardware Supplies Lts and the domains www.handlesupplies.ie and www.handlesupplies.com  are owned by the company you will see more of our products as those web addresses. 


Our customers

You may need new door handles, or you may be a householder with a front  door lock problem, or you may be a large facility manager with responsibility for emergency doors, windows locks and master key systems.  We will solved your particular issue as we will have done many times with the most suitable hardware products the market can offer. Where there is a high level of discretion required for security and any other reasons, our customers can be assured that all there business with us remains confidential, especially in regard to the security solutions we supply. We are happy to explain in straight forward language any industry jargon which can be confusing to. We have many customers who are trade service providers all over Ireland and many who are not in any way trade oriented.

We regularly source replacements for obsolete products

We have a great record in sourcing modern day replacement products for door handles and locks that may now be obsolete.  This service can help avoid the cost of a complete door replacement.  We will have checked and test installed any upgrade solution we supply to avoid, as far as possible the need and hassle for product returns.  It is a testament to our knowledge and success in supplying, that we actually get very few product returns 

We are learning everday

Much of the knowledge we have gathered through the years comes from our customers.  While suppliers offer top-end information on new products and the latest tehnical innovation, customer offer the equally important practical market feedback; as to what works and what does not work after installation.  We provide a valuable crossroads for the sharing of knowledge.  We look forward meeting all our new customers and discussing the best product for the best fix.

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